We are a licensed and a duly registered Service providing Company base in Douala – Cameroon, We provide a variety of services to facilitate the disposal of sludge/ slop/ sewage/ bilge water and waste materials of vessels, supported and provided by a bilingual staff that proficiently communicates in both English and French. We are specialized in facilitating and accelerating the businesses of our clients by taking some extra yet indispensable burden off their shoulders, hence rendering their businesses lighter and same time protecting environmental security and sanitary, guaranteeing added value in both the fluidity of operations and cost efficiency.


“…To become a reference and the preferred converged Logistics Support Partner to any business in Cameroon and world at large.”


 We seek to provide our customers with such reliable services that are designed to help them meet their objectives with the level of satisfaction that can only be guaranteed by a team with the integrity, commitment, empathy, creativity, and Fair play values of ACS Ltd and that meet the aspirations of its employees and shareholders.


  • Integrity : We commit to be consistent with our creed.
  • Commitment: Once a deal, we would flinch at nothing.
  • Empathy : Once our customer, your business is ours.
  • Flexibility : We would try other options; there must be a way out.
  • Fair-play : Our business is important, is yours.

At your disposal is our ever ready team of experienced professionals in 

  • waste disposal
  • Human Resource Sourcing,
  • General Supplies,
  • Man Power and Vessel Maintenance